Emergency Services

If during business hours, please contact our clinic immediately. For after hours emergencies, please contact one of the following pet emergency clinics:

Poison Control

For information and urgent care regarding poison ingestion and common household toxins, please visit the Pet Poison Helpline here or call (855) 764-7661.

For all toxin ingestion cases, we strongly recommend you save all original product packaging and bring it with you to your emergency exam. We also suggest taking a photo of the complete product label when purchasing your item, just in case it gets chewed up/torn by your pet. This gives your veterinary team access to the correct product information so we can treat your pet safely and efficiently

Lost & Found Pets

If you have either lost or found a pet, you are welcome to stop in at Blue Cross Animal Hospital for any staff member to scan for a microchip. If a microchip is found, we can contact the affiliated microchip company and/or their owner in efforts for a safe return home. We recommend checking local humane societies, like The Animal Humane Society, as well as Minneapolis Animal Control. Other resources to help locate lost and found pets are Craigslist, under both the Pets and Lost/Found tabs, and Facebook via LostDogsMN or LostCatsMN.